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Constant Stomach problems

“I was a mess; I couldn’t keep food down, I was losing weight, and always feeling exhausted. My stomach pain was constant and felt like someone had punched me in the gut and was getting worse. I had several hospital stays, and many visits to different specialists. The doctors put me on antibiotics, pain killers, and muscle relaxers, which made me feel in a constant state of comatose. And none of the drugs the doctors put me on were working for me. At this point I was willing to try anything; when my aunt suggested I try the chiropractors at Grothman Clinic where she was going for treatment of her TMJ and getting wonderful results. Dr.’s Mark and Marité Grothman were very kind and thorough. They listened to my symptoms and concerns. Their first suggestion was to stop taking the prescription medications, and drastically change my diet. They suggested I take some herbal supplements and get lots of rest.After going through about a month of withdrawal from the prescription drugs, my pain went away. I began to gain weight and was able to be active again, my energy was back and I felt better than I had in years.Open yourself up to the idea of chiropractic treatment and see how well it works. I have told my family, friends, and co-worker’s about my experience at Grothman Chiropractic Clinic and my road to becoming well again and how happy I am I found the Grothman Clinic”.   Susan P. (7/30/2014)

Lower Back, Hip and Abdomen Pain

“I was having problems with my lower back and hip and pain in my abdomen accompanied with constipation. I was having these problems for a few weeks before seeking out help a chiropractor. I saw an ad for the doctors in our local newspaper and decided to give Grothman Chiropractic Clinic a try. My initial visit was great and I felt confident that they would be able to help me. The doctors recommended weekly chiropractic adjustments and a few natural supplements to help with my problems. I started treatment and have now been a patient for a year. I no longer have any back or hip pain. The problem with my gallbladder and constipation are also completely gone. I am very happy with my results”.   Dawn B. (10/23/2012)

Environmental Poisoning & chronic Bladder Infections

“For the last 25-30 years I have had a painful burning in my lower abdomen caused by chronic bladder infections. My period has been very irregular; I’ve also had lower back pain and headaches. I basically lived on ibuprofen to help with the pain. I saw my medical doctor and was told there was nothing they could do for me; but suggested I change how I eat and choose foods with a low acid content. My sister and her family were patients at Grothman Clinic and suggested that Dr. Marité might be able to help me by using C.R.A. testing. C.R.A. analyzes the body as a whole using nutritional and homeopathic supplements which are available for purchase right at the clinic’s front desk. Dr. Marité has helped me so much and most of my problems have either gone away or are very minimal. I highly recommend Dr. Marité to anyone who is sick, suffering, or in pain. She will be able to target your real problems and be able to help you heal. I love chiropractic and will always turn to chiropractic care to keep myself and my family healthy”.   Mary B. (10/19/2012)

I have Scoliosis and Sleep Apnea

"My major complaint was my lower back pain which was making it hard for me to sleep, sit, walk and travel any distance.  It was a pinching pain that kept me from being able to get comfortable in almost any position. The medical doctor I was seeing for my sleep apnea put me on Amitriptyline.  This is an addictive sleep aid with a lot of side effects and I didn’t want to take it anymore.  Also, while on this medication I was unable to try to get pregnant which is one of my personal goals. During my initial consultation I felt very welcome, Dr. Mark listened to my history and made me feel very comfortable; which was a drastic change from my prior chiropractor.  The doctors recommended regular chiropractic treatment, a pair orthotics to be worn in my shoes, that I run less and do strengthening exercises.  They also suggested that I take a couple supplements which are available right at the front desk.  After following their recommendations, I am now pretty much pain free…I can sleep 7-8 hours at night and I have gone from 3 visits per week to 1 weekly visit Since starting treatment at Grothman Clinic my life has completely changed for the better.  I will never go without my weekly maintenance adjustment and I can just walk in whenever it is convenient.  I will and have recommended Grothman Clinic to all my friends and family".   Catherine O. (10/3/2012)

Weakened Immune System

"I was constantly feeling tired and sick; I had stomach pain with a lot of gas, and my hips hurt all the time.  I was repeatedly getting bladder infections for which I was always given antibiotics.  Then my aunt told me about Grothman Clinic and Dr. Marité. My experience at this office was very different from any other chiropractor I had been too.  I got answers to what was going on with me and was put on a treatment plan which included regular chiropractic adjustments and a few natural supplements which are available right in the office.  I was taught a healthy way of eating was the key to clearing up most of my problems.  After I changed my diet I began feeling great.  I had more energy, and my stomach pain actually stopped.   My hip pain was also gone.  I began feeling so good it caused me to become proactive about my health and research more on natural and alternative medicine. I shared my good experience with my mom and my sister and they also became patients and are very happy with their progress.  Every time a friend or client mentions any health complaints I refer them to Grothman Clinic".   Maritza C. (10/3/2012)

Back and Digestion Problems

“I have had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for 30 yrs. now, and was diagnosed 10 yrs. ago with Diverticulitis (holes or sores in the colon lining that get infected from seeds etc…).  Both of these conditions cause; severe stomach pain and bloating.  Flair-ups of these conditions are usually treated with high doses of antibiotics and only helped with the flair-up not the conditions. I was telling a good friend that I was tired of taking medication that wasn’t helping me and she suggested I try a chiropractor.  I had already seen a couple of Chiropractors in the past, and had faith that the right doctor would be able to help me.   My friend suggested Grothman Clinic in Aurora, so I made an appointment. I can’t say enough about how impressed I was by the doctors and the staff at Grothman Clinic.  The doctors recommended a treatment regimen to help my back and some natural supplements to help with my colon problems. “I can’t believe now how my back has improved.  My stomach has never felt better.  I have suffered may years with my colon problems and to know now that I should have tried a chiropractor along time ago”. I feel great!  Never better and no more medication either.  I will recommend Grothman Clinic to everyone I know who is having physical problems”.   Joanne L. (10/3/2012)

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

“It was 7 years ago that I was diagnosed with TMJ, and since then I have been having migraine headaches along with neck and jaw pain. I was using the mouth splint that my dentist suggested, but my pain was still there. My mom thought maybe I should try her chiropractor at Grothman Clinic because their office seemed so different from other chiropractic office’s she’d had been to in the past. After seeing Dr. Marité she recommended that I would need a weekly chiropractic adjustment, along with some light treatments. She also recommended some orthotics for me to wear in my shoes, and instructed me to ice my lower back regularly, and to walk daily for my exercise. I have now been a patient here for 5 months, and for the last 2 weeks I have been headache free. Chiropractic is a great way to get healthy, feel good and stay that way. I have told a few of my friends and co-workers about the great results I’ve gotten by choosing Grothman Clinic”.   Kathryn P. (6/26/2012)

Irregular Menstruation

"I got my period and it didn’t stop for over 60 days.  I felt weak and tired all the time, my stomach would cramp, some days were alot heavier than others.  My mom took me to my pediatrician and her obstetrician who did blood work, and an ultra sound.  My results were all normal.  The obstetrician put me on birth control pills and 10 days of strong hormones and neither worked, my parents and I were getting desperate to find an answer to my problem. My dad thought that maybe the chiropractors that he’d seen in Aurora awhile back might be able to help with my problem.  My mom called and made an appointment and we went and saw Dr. Grothman.  The doctors and staff were real friendly and said that they could help me. They said that I needed to come in for some adjustments, and I need to take a few vitamin supplements, and I also needed orthotics and a heel lift in my shoes. After starting treatment within 1 week my period was gone completely. I am so thankful that I came to Grothman Clinic and will recommend it to my friends".   Allyssa S. (6/25/2012)

Desperate For Answers

“For the past 6-7 years I was having neck and lower back pain, I was getting dizzy, easily irritated and constantly feeling tired. I went to my regular doctor and had x-rays taken, along with blood tests. He suggested that I needed some physical therapy, which didn’t help. He also put me on some anti-inflammatory drugs that didn’t help. I even went to see a rheumatologist, but all my tests came back negative, although my symptoms persisted. After feeling desperate and speaking with a friend she suggested I try her chiropractor’s; Drs. Mark and Marité Grothman. I had always thought chiropractors only worked on the spine. After my consultation with Dr. Mark, I felt hopeful that he could find a solution to my problems. The office felt like a small gateway; comfortable & healing, the staff was also very friendly and helpful which made me feel like I was in the right place. I began the chiropractic treatment that was recommended and also started taking vitamin supplements that the doctors suggested. Within a few weeks I started noticing a difference in how I was feeling. After a couple of months of treatment my pain was basically gone and I’m no longer easily irritated, and I am not tired all the time anymore. I learned from the doctors the importance and benefits of a healthy spine and how it affects your whole body”.   Dalia C. (6/16/2012)

I had to sleep in my recliner

“Sleeping in my bed had become painful and uncomfortable due to the pain that I was having in my lower back, it had become hard for me to get up and down from a chair, even walking a short distance was difficult. It seemed I was always tired, and would become irritated easily, I just wasn’t feeling myself. I ran into a friend at church and I was telling her about the problems I was having. She suggested I try seeing her chiropractors at Grothman Clinic in Aurora. Since I first walked in their office I felt something was different there. It was a friendly, calming, and healing atmosphere. I felt a connection with the doctors right away and could sense their commitment to good health. Being a patient there has made a great improvement to my life. The gentle adjustments and vitamin supplements work fantastic. I am no longer tired all the time, my anxiety level is much better. My lower back, neck, and arm are doing very well. I have learned that chiropractic is a good, natural way to good health. I will be recommending Grothman Clinic to anyone I know who is having health difficulties in the future”.   Janice B. (6/15/2012)

Chiropractic can help with Mental Disabilities

“My 13 yr. old son was diagnosed at the age 5 with Autism, mild Retardation, and ADHS.  He was always distracted and wasn’t able pay attention.  He’s also very hyperactive, anxious, and couldn’t sleep at night.  It seemed at times he was uncontrollable.  The medical doctors have had him on many as 8 different medications, one of which even caused a heart attack. I was talking with my aunt one day and she told me about these chiropractors that she recently began seeing in Aurora, and how much they had been able to help her.  Honestly, I didn’t even know if they could help with someone who had more mental issues than physical problems. I scheduled a consultation, and my first impression was real good, the doctors seemed very nice, approachable, and friendly and were very easy to talk to. The doctors examined my son and suggested that I try some natural supplements that are available at their front desk.  They also recommended orthotics for my son’s feet, and some SRT light treatments. After treating my son in for only a month, I am already seeing major improvements.  He is sleeping better and his anxiety has decreased, and he’s much more manageable.  I would say there has been a 50% improvement in his behavior. I have recommended Dr.’s Grothman to a few of my friends whose children are facing similar challenges. I was very skeptical at first, but now I am so thankful that I came to see these doctors and got this opportunity to help my son”.   Victor M. (5/30/2012)

Everything is connected

“I have been seeing Drs. Mark & Marité Grothman over the last 5 months for pain and stiffness in my neck and lower back. As I am learning “everything is connected”. Issues I’ve had with sore shoulders and underarm muscles since a lumpectomy in July 2010 have benefited from the doctor’s thoughtful and experienced treatment. Prior to their treatment, I was unable to raise my arms straight above my head. Radiation treatments and chest scans were unbearably painful, even though the technicians made accommodations for me to hold my arms above my head for 10–15 minutes. Other doctors have prescribed physical therapy, exercise, further testing and time as answers to my complaints. At my most recent scan, following treatment by Dr. Marité, I was able to raise my own arms and lay comfortably for the test. It feels like a miracle to me”.   Mary G. (3/11/2012)

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